Australia 2: Big islands make you feel small

I did my presentation today, successfully, so I’ve earned my dinner.  So to speak– since my dinner consists of an extra sandwich I nabbed from the lunch buffet (they always seem to have three times too much food).  I think I’ll call it my last day of IIFET.  There are two more sessions tomorrow, but this is my only opportunity to see a bit more of Australia.

Australia, not surprisingly, is colossal.  For the dozens of reserves, sanctuaries, and national parks within striking distance, the town that marks the entrance to any proper rainforests or a visit to the reef is 29 hours away (same state though).  I’m torn between Moreton Island, Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary, and Mt. Coot-tha Reserve for tomorrow.

Yesterday, I hung out with the world record holder for circumnavigating the globe in the smallest vessel.  A couple years after doing this, he met his now-wife, who traveled South America with my aunt, trying to discover a solution to food security in the 1970s in the plant of amaranth.  We went to the Powermill, a gutted powerhouse that sat unused for years and now is an art-space and bar-restaurant complex.  Then to Farm Valley, famous for good restaurants for good Indonesian food, and the next door to much better gelato.

I have some pictures (not many, not much sight-seeing), but my backpacker’s hostel net connection is not far from excruciating.

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