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Made some “Rampaunt Perre” from the Pleyn Delit medieval cookbook: “Peoren ysoden (pears boiled) in water, [with] þree lyouns raumpauns [three heraldically rearing lions].” (But as beavers, naturally #mitgaard4life) #currentmiddleages #subtlety #moleculargastronomyathome

Making your own duct tape wallet

Duct Tape wallets are cool, thin and light, and personalizable. The instructions below describe my design, which I think is elegant, and you can modify to your heart’s content.

Step 1.

Measure out the length of the two longest strips of duct tape:

Line four bills up, just touching along their long edges. Rip two
small strips of duct tape to measure an additional width to the left
and right of the four bills, or use credit cards, as shown below.

How to measure the backbone

Measuring the backbone










Step 2.

Measure out one strips of duct tape this length and lay it sticky-side-up.
Then measure a second strip and lay it stick-side-up with just
enough overlap to form a secure connection.

The backbone diagramThe backbone









Step 3.

Fold the strips into the basic wallet frame, by first folding them
in half, with the sticky-side out. Then continue folding in an
accordian fashion, only allowing the faces with the same letter
shown below to stick together. Make sure that these adhering faces
are smooth an even.

Folding faces Folding result

First fold
The first fold, in half, with a bill to measure the second fold.
Second fold
After the second fold.













Flip over
After the third fold and flipping over.
Final backbone
After the rest of the backbone folds.












Step 4.

Measure out a length of duct tape a little larger than twice the
width of the wallet and wrap it around the outside, with the
sticky-side covering the remaining stick-side of the wallet frame.

The wrapper diagram The wrapper








That’s it!  Enjoy your new wallet!

Final wallet

Old Bottles, Part 1

I inherited an old bottle collection from my father– a man who loved reading into things, things that came in bottles, and being the intellectual on a construction site. There’s not much to document about them, but I’m going to put down some of what there is.


From the back, here’s all I know about them:

Left: no words
Right: E. R. Durkee & Co, Salad Dressing, New York
Center: Dr. Price’s Delicious Flavoring Extracts
Right: From Horne’s Pharmacy Cor. 24th and Union, Los Angeles, CA
Left: Klingite Fabric Adhesive, dries transparent for tents, awnings, auto-tops, tarpaulins, leather jackets, canvas, upholstery, etc.
Center: no words
Right: no words
Left: Gebhardt Eagle, Chili Powder
Right: [ink bottle?]
Left: [perfume bottle?]