A new year, new resolutions

I love new years resolutions, and the constant inventiveness that goes with learning how to change one’s behaviors. It’s a time to think about who I want to become, and how to rebalance the weights on my path. This year’s crop has a couple things for socialization, a couple things for exercise, and a big one for building out my online presence:

  • Learn the names of everyone at GRI by the end of January.
  • Take a dance class with Flame.
  • Try out a “tracking your steps” app (suggestions welcome!).
  • If I don’t exercise before an opportunity to have dessert, I must refuse.
  • If I haven’t contributed to a social media by the end of the day, I have to do it before sleep.

The last one is going to be distributed mostly between this blog, my professional blog, and Twitter, and will range from simple reposts to longer contributions to personal messages. When I reunited with my coin system, I’ll drive it that way.

The “if-then” form of the last two is a perversion of a good idea recently suggested somewhere (but I can’t find where): rather than set up a behavior change as a continuous demand, identify a situation where the problem occurs and decide on a new course of action when presented with it.

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