[FBC] The Social Guide to Rocky Project

It’s strange to think that there are residents of the greater-Cambridge area who don’t understand basic mailing list rules of behavior. But it’s no surprise that Rocky newbies are forever shooting their feet: Rocky has one of the most sophisticated set of social rules and hazing mechanisms I’ve ever encountered. I consider myself a fairly observant fellow, and I’m still learning unspoken expectations.

I keep wanting to write them all down. Gary is compiling an official rule guide– what about having an underground one? I’m imaging sections on communication (email conventions, elvis, list abuse, good ways to criticize), Rocky parties (expectations, yellow, fives, rules to common games, how to start/join an orgy), illicit activities (participating and avoiding), traditions, and the unofficial social roles of people in the cast.

But maybe recording it would do unwarranted abuse to an already well-functioning and ever-fluid system. I come from a world where people consume friend-making algorithms, social technologies, and relationship guides like candy, because what is obvious to some people is a bizarre mystery to others.

Would anyone find this useful? (Finding it useful for someone else doesn’t count.)

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