Life Snippets

Saturday I wore new clothes based on the suggestions I got, and collected a number of compliments.

Morgan’s party was excellent, with a low-key (mostly core Rockies) room, with good conversation, and a high-energy (mostly groupies) room, with singing and antics. I was pretty inebriated, and saw the groupie room in terms of people playing their social-sexual shticks for the people of their preferred gender, and it seemed a shame because their energies could be used to actually engage with each other. The room needed a game, but there was no one to start one, so I tried (unsuccessfully) and I might have alienated some people there in making the attempt.

Sunday I watched Borat (impressive in its method, but probably a lot funnier if you’re drunk), and hung out at with Claudia in her opium den.

Today I rehearsed Rocky parts with leeniebeans, and then went over to her apartment to be wined (sparkling grape juice) and dined (spontaneous cake). Her roommates are an absolute riot, with a kind of nonstop sleepover vibe. I promised to invite them over to my place, but against their decorations, door prizes, a laughs-a-minute, my pad seems awfully prosaic.

I’m excited about my nail-biting party. I need to get a map and red, blue, and some-other-color thumbtacks to keep the tally.

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