Anyone up for starting a Start-Up?

I find myself inundated with projects begging to be “Start-Upped”. These projects range from exciting stray ideas to wires-hanging-out-but-otherwise-finished products, and I can’t bring them to the world alone.

Of the projects I consider start-up-worthy, most are internet-based, most need time not capital, some are social-entrepreneury, some are computer-sciencey, and some are generally acknowledged to be impossible. A few examples are an ESG-style adult learning center, a Frienster-like travel blog site, and vision-to-audio glasses for the blind.

Do you want to be a co-conspirator? I expect to need additional engineers (web development, UIs, and back-ends, all languages), communicators (marketing, business), content people (writing, graphic design), creative types, and organized types. To start, we would be working in our free time, each to her ability. I don’t have any capital, but if that’s people’s most important concern, getting it can be our first task.

If you want to hear about what projects I have in mind, contact me. Which of my projects/ideas we work on depends on the interests of the people who reply. Our first meeting will consist of laying out the possible projects and their current states and choosing between them. Your projects and ideas are welcome too.

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