Life Snippets

Saturday I wore new clothes based on the suggestions I got, and collected a number of compliments.

Morgan’s party was excellent, with a low-key (mostly core Rockies) room, with good conversation, and a high-energy (mostly groupies) room, with singing and antics. I was pretty inebriated, and saw the groupie room in terms of people playing their social-sexual shticks for the people of their preferred gender, and it seemed a shame because their energies could be used to actually engage with each other. The room needed a game, but there was no one to start one, so I tried (unsuccessfully) and I might have alienated some people there in making the attempt.

Sunday I watched Borat (impressive in its method, but probably a lot funnier if you’re drunk), and hung out at with Claudia in her opium den.

Today I rehearsed Rocky parts with leeniebeans, and then went over to her apartment to be wined (sparkling grape juice) and dined (spontaneous cake). Her roommates are an absolute riot, with a kind of nonstop sleepover vibe. I promised to invite them over to my place, but against their decorations, door prizes, a laughs-a-minute, my pad seems awfully prosaic.

I’m excited about my nail-biting party. I need to get a map and red, blue, and some-other-color thumbtacks to keep the tally.

Soliciting Provocative Clothing Advice

I need some pointers for flaunting myself, as part of some role-modeling I want to do. That is, I’m going to be the change I want to see in the world [well, at Rocky], by acting as though I’m encouraged to strut my sexuality, and encouraging other men to do so, and looking for preshows don’t follow a sexist model, and encouraging others to do so.

Finding sexuality-flaunting clothing for men isn’t easy. Between the Garment District and Hubba-Hubba, I added some more sexual clothing to my repertoire (and got some appreciative comments and some snarky comments), but I need more. I don’t have a style, so I’m willing to experiment, but my budget is limited. Does anyone have suggestions on what to wear and where to get it?

Given the excellent response to my last post, I’m going to keep the topic alive– though, hopefully in less dramatic ways. I’ll skip posting about specifics concerns that Elaina and I discussed, but if you want to hear them or talk about the issue further with me, get in touch.