Flame is in Berkeley for the week, celebrating the new year with me and helping me make this house a home! After a whirlwind of IKEA, World Market, and the Alameda Antique Faire, she has transformed the space completely.



A few items to note in particular:

    • The wall art is from the Antique Faire, a beautiful canvas for $60. ¬†We had to strap it to the car with an ATM sign.
    • The bookcase is a really hip wood and metal mix, and I definitely need more books to fill it up.
    • The Willow lunchbox is from my families most recent White Elephant, labeled “Jim Rising”, so it must have been my dad’s…
    • The cabinet next to it is built into the apartment, one of many beautiful original fixtures.
    • Hanging on the knob of the cabinet is a MIT-Columbia-SusDev pendant which my mom made (Johanna has a Wes-Columbia-SusDev one to match).

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