Trixie, Thoughts, and Concert

luvrentboy spent a long time helping me choreograph my Trixie [intro (often striptease) song to RHPS], and I’m really looking forward to it! After I’ve got it down better, ask me if you want to see it and give me some comments. I can do a totally mystery trixie next time; this time I’ll settle for a good one.

I’ve decided that social games are lots of fun. I’m fairly clumsy at them, but throwing something into the social pool is more interesting than waiting to throw the right thing in, and the best kind of challenge.

I have a new mess of fudgely thoughts, but I think I’ll keep them to myself. It’s one of those maybe-realization about oneself that’s both disgusting and typical and I don’t want to know how much of each. But it makes me admire the many wonderful qualities of my friends, and I wonder if I’ll ever be as fine.

Medeski, Schofield, Martin, and Wood are playing in Providence tomorrow (Wednesday)! MMW and John Schofield, individually, are the gods of experimental jazz, and seeing them play together would be incredible. Want to come? Tickets are $25, if we can get them (pre-sale is closed); if we can’t, we’ll enjoy Providence.

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