[games] One Toy, Slightly Buggy

Holiday quiet on these street, except for some stubborn leaves
That didn’t fall with the fall, now they clatter in vain.

Curse the god of projects that drove me through pouring rain to blast Carbon Leaf over an empty ESG’s speakers and code until my socks dry! But I did finish my toy:

It’s a webcrawling collage-maker. Starting from a webpage, it will follow links and paste the images into a composite. For each collage, it keeps a fair-sized catalog of webpages to look at (from its explorations), and anyone can add to that catalog, “nudging” it in different directions.

I started ones for MIT, the SCA, FBC, and Flickr photos. There’s also a tool for making your own (size-limited for now).

The process of making it web-accessible left it buggy, but for a while it looked like my shared host had made it totally impossible, so I’ll take what I can get.

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