Introduction to my LiveJournal

I have long wanted to keep a journal of these, my experiences as a changing person in a changing world. Now free of college I have begun directing my life in new ways, being forced to think of its organization and goals on new levels, and discover aspects of myself that have previously been given no room to grow. Specifically, I am writing this journal to record aspects of my experience, observations, and growth of wisdom, purely on a personal level. I am a new instructor at Olin College, a new college trying to define itself and refine a new way of teaching, and I feel the growth in my understanding of the college is worth keeping. I am a new lover, trying to understand the Other in a way I had not conceived before a year ago. I am a new graduate, loose in a world of great challenges and filled with dreams. Lastly, I am a new journeyman in the arts of wisdom, now charged to produce good wisdom, and no longer in the watchful shadow of my teacher. This journal is my new assignment– an assignment I have long felt the need to pursue, but always before have failed. I look forward to learning from this attempt, whether it is successful or not.

The only current “intended” audience for this journal is myself, now, but I invite anyone who will to read and comment. This journal will be written as though my experiences matter and are, in a word, notable. I try to live a life of few secrets, so I hope to not severely censor the comments here. I expect to wrote entries primarily in the mornings to reflect on the previous day and find poetry defined in the stillness after the storm.

Note that I won’t necessarily introduce the entities or institutions to which I am related before posting about them, but I am happy to describe them in a comment, as requested.

Sustainability, Engineering, and Philosophy